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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Morning Matinee- Superman Serial. (1948)
 This is the very time the Man of Steel was portrayed in a live action film  and starred Kirk Alyn in the non-credited role of Superman. Noel Neill, as the first Lois Lane, was also Lois Lane in the next Superman serial "Atom Man Vs. Superman", then continued playing the "tough as nails" reporter when "The Adventures of Superman" t.v. series began it's run in 1951. For the 1978 Superman film   starring Christopher Reeve she, as well as Kirk Alyn, had cameos as Lois Lane's parents in the train sequence in the early part of the movie. Also, of special note for Our Gang fans, the actor portraying Jimmy Olsen (also a first), Tommy Bond,  is also best remembered for his appearances in the Our gang comedies starting in 1931 in the role of "Tommy" and later  went on to play "Butch", the bully who made life difficult for Alfalfa in several of the shorts. It's a fun film with lots of action and suspense as only the serials could do. Below is a Wiki link with more info on this classic from the 1940's. Enjoy.

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