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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Night Doodles

Great Saturday night. Great Saturday in general. After our trip to the library we hunkered down in our air conditioned oasis to watch the first two Tarzan movies released by MGM and starring the one and only Johnny Weismuller as the King of the Apes. We found a six disc set at the library and immediately checked it out. Thank you library! 
 By the time the second film was over half of the hour of Batman was over so I didn't do any drawing from that show. Once I set up I sketched from Lost in Space and Star Trek. Star Trek episode was the Galileo Seven, which I think could mean the shuttle craft or the party on board that were conducting the up close scientific study of the quasar like formation known as Murasaki 312. Great episode and cast. And no red shirt was harmed in the making of this episode. Really. Yellow shirts bit the dust this time. 

That's all for now. Night, night.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Roundup- Change is in the Air

I don't what it is about the last few months but a lot of different kinds of work has come to Rancho Ramirez. Right now we're keeping our fingers crossed because of a possibility of making a variety of masks and puppets for a ballet production. As with any creative endeavor it all hinges on funding but if it happens that would be a wonderfully creative project. We'll see. 

Right now we're prepping for the Clown Camp at Connally's Dance Workshop starting July 8th and taught by my wife.  Clown skits, juggling, makeup and more are a part of the course.

For more info call Connally's Dance Workshop at 210-656-1334. And feel free to go to their website too. If you have a child that's interested in dance it a great place to learn ballet, jazz, modern, tap from very qualified and experienced instructors. Our kids have been taking classes their for a quite a few years now. The link to their site is below.

Coming up in mid-July is the next ArtSlam event: Comics on Canvas! Our Arriba Arte Studios will be on hand to create a painting to be auctioned off that evening to the highest bidder. We'll also have a few completed illustrations for sale too.  Should be fun evening of art,music and a costume contest too. Check out their link below for more info.

And by all means go to our Arriba Arte Facebook page to keep up to date on all our events and activities. The link is below. Oh, and when you're there, don't forget to "like" us please. Thanks!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here There Be Dragons!

I recently added a new marionette to my growing menagerie. I love clowning and marionettes!

Doc Ed Is Busy!

A pic from this week's Doc Ed show at Hoffman Lane Elementary School in New Braunfels. A spoonful of silly makes the science education go down in the most delightful way! With kids learning so much about the Edwards Aquifer it's sure to have a good future.   
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