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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Clown Camp

Pammy working a number with the kids for the show's opening.
Clown is underway and the kids are doing great! Lots to learn and rehearse before the class does their show!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Busy July

This we've got a couple of good things in the works starting with our Clown Camp to be held at the Connally's Dance Studio starting July 8th( today). It'll be taught by Pammy and will consist of, among other things, clown skits, juggling and makeup. We did these clown camps every summer while we lived in Dallas for years going from children's theater to children's theater throughout the summer months. 

We've got a good class of enthusiastic kids who, perhaps because of their background in dance, are learning pretty quick. It's very exciting to see the kids learn circus skills and seem them become excited when they realized they were starting to master something entirely new to them. Today's class covered juggling and object manipulation basics, pantomime, slapstick and clown gags and bits. Tomorrow will see us adding a few more skills to the class.

As of last night Pammy got a few more clown classes scheduled for this month too. It's been a challenge finding a place to work around here. It seemed so much easier in Dallas. I don't know but I think our luck is changing! We trying hard to keep the momentum going. Please keep you fingers crossed for us.

This weekend I'll be slinging paint at the ArtSlam which will take place at the White Rabbit.

For more on what's up in our neck of the woods go to the link below.

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