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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

William Windom Rest In Peace

Clown Camp on the Road 1993

Back in early 1993, I had been acting and clowning two years and really loved it but decided I needed to accelerate my clown/performing education. I think it might have been in a copy of Laughmakers magazine (a neat magazine I really miss) where I saw an ad for something called Clown Camp on the Road, a touring clown camp offering a variety of workshops for the hometown clown. The price was right so I sent in my money order, bought my bus ticket for Houston and off I went. 

At the camp, I took courses on how to structure a show, magic and imrov. They even provided a book with plenty of helpful tips and bios for the instructors. As with many of my things it is packed in a box somewhere waiting to be found. In the meantime, there is the internet. 

The camp closed it's doors just a few short years ago as I discovered looking up info for it on the web. Below are links to the Clown Camp as well as biographic info on Richard Snowberg the camp's executive director and a very interesting fellow.  Try as I might, I was unable to find any information on Irene Doll, the Clown Camp's on the Road director.

They did a great service to the clown community bringing some quality education as close to one's doorstep as possible. I know that if such a course came my way again I would be inclined to take it. Besides learning something new, it just feels good to be around like minded people.

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