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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Want My MeTV!

Due to an irregularly scheduled sporting event my MeTV programming not to be shown this evening. Don't get me wrong, I like sports but when it interrupts my Saturday Family Fun Time it tends to irk me something fierce. Well, we had to re-group so I rented Madagascar 3. It's a fun movie and made up for not getting to see our favorite sixties shows AND Svengoolie but I sure hope next Saturday isn't a bust. Svengoolie was showing "Werewolf of London" this evening. Perfect for Halloween!! Oy!!!

Friday Roundup- Snow Queen and Zombies (Late Edition-AGAIN! Jeez.)

Before and... Drum roll please... After !

 I can't believe Halloween is less than a week away! October goes by way too quick for my liking and this week especially, zipped by pretty quick. Pammy and I have been working hard on the props and set pieces for the Snow Queen. Pammy told me the last time the San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet produced the Snow Queen was fifteen years ago. Wow! The props held up pretty well considering. Pictured above is the sleigh we've just finished spiffying up (if that's a word?). All that's left to fix is a cottage flat which will be finished early next week if not sooner. It'll have to be sooner so we can focus on Halloween.

Doc Ed had a relatively mellow week with only two presentations as compared to last week's twelve. I have to confess that I don't mind the "down time".
Doc has to chillax every now and then too, y'know. 
This past Wednesday I was edu-taining the kids at St. Paul's Episcopal Montessori School just north of downtown.

Good ol' Doc Edwards ended the work  week helping to clean and organize the storage unit where all of Doc's stuff and other Edwards Aquifer related material is kept. Show biz isn't all sunshine and enchiladas, kids.  

This past weekend's ArtSlam was a Halloween/Zombie theme so I drew my first zombie apocalypse illustration ever. It was a challenge because zombies, though I've seen my share of zombie flicks in the past, just aren't my cup 'o' tea. I think the end result isn't bad though and I think, looking at it now, I might even consider making it a painting.

 I've thought that there might be a story to be worked out for these characters who, in a non-zombie world, wouldn't cross paths. It's another idea for a comic book, one of several I've been toying with for about a year now. It might be high time to take a stab (pun intended) at self publishing and why shouldn't it be a zombie themed book? 

Coming up with characters is the easy part. Writing the story is going to be a challenge but a fun one. We'll see how far I get before the end of the year.

That's all for this week. Tomorrow is t.v. night at Rancho Ramirez and I'll be home to enjoy it. Adios!  


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Silver Leaves Art

My good friend Rik Gern , a.k.a. Bonzo Crunch, asked for a better look at my illustrations for the Tolkien journal: Silver Leaves. I should have included them in the first place but better late than never. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Sky #2

 This was a great morning to take some photos of the sunrise and the clouds. I took some time before getting ready for work in order to drive out to a clear enough spot to get this shot. Even all the made- made structures in the way couldn't diminish the beauty of the sunrise.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Illustrations in Print in Silver Leaves #4

Hey everybody! The latest issue of Silver Leaves is out and I've got some art in it. Check it out. Very exciting!
Not my cover art. It's a neat steam punk dragon by one of the many wonderful contributors to the issue.

On the left is my illustration of Smaug and on the right is a poster by popular Tolkein artist Ted Nasmith.

Looking for the last of my illustrations...there it is- Treebeard! Even though it's a dragon themed issue they wanted him included. Very cool.

Here's what the good folks at Silver Leaves have to say about this issue: 

Tolkien-based journal, “Silver Leaves” Issue 4, is hot off the press! The theme is Dragons and we are very excited about getting it into the hands of Tolkien and fantasy fans. This is another superb issue, with contributors including Jef Murray, Colin Duriez, Alison Baird, Doug Adams, Tim Kirk, Peter S. Beagle, Constance Wagner, Anna Repp, Ted Nasmith, among many other talented folk. Ordering information is at  And always remember, “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations”! 

The issue has a lot of great art, fiction, poetry and articles, all Tolkien-based and focusing on dragons. I'm devouring the issue tonight. Get a copy if you have a hankerin' for dragons Tolkien style! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh, Man, It's Monday.

My bug eyed creation of the alien from "This Island Earth" got of a lot of attention but no buyers.

Well, another Art Slam has come and gone but as always I had a very good time. Alas I did not sell a piece that evening. Still, I have managed to add a couple more pieces that I can use for my eventual foray into the conventions which I plan to do in the spring. I'll be posting the pieces for this past weekend's Art Slam on my Water Street Kid blog later this week.

This morning I'll continue working on the sleigh for The Snow Queen and will be planning ahead for the flat that will have to be repainted for the same show. 

Pammy continues working on publicizing "The Last Hippie"a one-man show she's producing, which will open in mid November at the Overtime Theater. That's been tedious work since all submissions for event calendars seem to be done over the internet. Kinda annoying but that's the way of the world now.

 I've also started working on the book cover pencils for the children's book about a little boy who wants to grow up to be a doctor. More on that later. And of course, there is a Doc Ed show scheduled for this week too. 
 So much to do. So little time for tacos.
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