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Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh, Man, It's Monday.

My bug eyed creation of the alien from "This Island Earth" got of a lot of attention but no buyers.

Well, another Art Slam has come and gone but as always I had a very good time. Alas I did not sell a piece that evening. Still, I have managed to add a couple more pieces that I can use for my eventual foray into the conventions which I plan to do in the spring. I'll be posting the pieces for this past weekend's Art Slam on my Water Street Kid blog later this week.

This morning I'll continue working on the sleigh for The Snow Queen and will be planning ahead for the flat that will have to be repainted for the same show. 

Pammy continues working on publicizing "The Last Hippie"a one-man show she's producing, which will open in mid November at the Overtime Theater. That's been tedious work since all submissions for event calendars seem to be done over the internet. Kinda annoying but that's the way of the world now.

 I've also started working on the book cover pencils for the children's book about a little boy who wants to grow up to be a doctor. More on that later. And of course, there is a Doc Ed show scheduled for this week too. 
 So much to do. So little time for tacos.

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