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Monday, December 22, 2014

Buck Out and About

Buck Dillwater and his buddy, Peanut, doing an evening's entertainment for the holidays.

I've been street performing along Houston Street here in San Antonio with my marionettes ans will continue to the end of 2014. I'd never done street performing before so it's been quite a learning experience. With any luck and a little bit of work I'll continue doing it in 2015.

From Way Back When- Guest Clown RBBBC Feb. 14, 1993

Steve Copeland found this little gem from my Ringling past. It's a news piece from 1993 about a reporter who was a guest clown on the Ringling Red Unit. Rik Gern made him up and Chad Miller and Benny Schulz worked him into the "Doctor Gag". You can see a fragment of our "Come-In routine as well. I'm somewhere in there. Memories.
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