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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Silver Leaves

I've got another illustration which will be included in issue #5 of the Silver Leaves Journal. It's them is "The Hobbit" and my illustration depicts the moment Bilbo meets Gollum in the heart of the Misty Mountains.  More on that later.

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Very Special Place

This is a wonderful documentary film about the performance hall of Mountainview College in Dallas, Texas, where Pammy spent a good deal of her time as she attended their Performing Arts, Musical Theatre Conservatory (PAMTC). 

 It's a very special place. Some of our most cherished memories came from our time spent on that stage. My other favorite place was just outside by the dressing rooms, where the some of the actors went to smoke and shoot the breeze during rehearsal breaks or at intermission during a play's run.
Pammy (on the right) as Calpurnia in Julius Caesar.

 Pammy appeared in many of their plays playing a variety of roles. I had the pleasure of being in some of their children's plays. Most, if not all

 There's footage of "Cereal Box Submarine" (about midway through the film 6:41-6:50) where Pammy and I were pirates. If you see pirates in black and white striped shirts, it was probably Pam and I. In a long shot, you can see me doing a 108 (pratfall) during the climactic fight sequence of the play. Pammy and I did a lot of slapstick for that play which we both loved to do.

But we also worked behind the scenes helping with props and set construction or running sound and lights. We loved doing it all because we loved the people and the place so much. 
Pammy and I as pirates, with our dear friend and neighbor Louise Stovall .

 I think of all the theaters we've worked in over the years, that was the best in terms of...well, everything. They never did less than 100%. From the actors to the crew, they were all outstanding. Plus you always felt the sense of fun and love for what they did and it was infectious. Whatever circumstances or magic that created such a wonderful setting we found over time was very unique. The few years we spent there were so much fun.

We both miss the people and that place very much.
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