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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catching Up

Doc Ed at Our Lady of Perpetual Hope this past Friday.

Drawing for witch's oven for the ballet "Hansel and Gretel".

Drawing for the cage that holds Hansel captive till "din din" time.

Sorry for the delay in posting. This last week has been full of work and drama but now things have calmed a bit until the next wave of life breaks on my eroding shores. Wow! You like that?!

This week I turned in the sketches for the set pieces to be built for the San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet's production of Hansel and Gretel. They got the "okay" from Susan Connally and now I'm going to go out on Monday to get the material to build them. The set pieces will be a cage where the witch keeps her intended "dinners to be" and the oven where she cooks them. Once the supplies are purchased things will move quickly so I can get the finished pieces to them for rehearsals.

In the illustration department, I'm still waiting for feed back for the Houston Metro illustrations. Things move slowly when you turn in work for review then one day they let the art director know they need it yesterday. That's when things get interesting. Hopefully that wont be the case but age and experience has made me a great, big skeptic regarding such matters.

This past Friday I was at Our Lady of Perpetual Hope Catholic School as Doc Ed performing both Doc Ed shows (Doc Ed's Amazing Aquifer Adventure and Doc Ed Rock Star) for two groups of grade school kids. I'm still tweaking the "Rock Star" show, adding comic bits here and there to test them out. The school year usually starts off quietly so the next Doc Ed show wont be till the 3oth of September but calls are starting to come in inquiring about availability and booking. In the meantime I'll be doing some work painting and repairing the props for both shows. My contract for Doc Ed expires in January but change could be in the air for me come February. We'll see.

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