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Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Roundup

The main event this week was the Doc Ed video and now it's done! Not much else to report. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

Super Singing Circus Pic

Google and ye shall find! The cast for Barney's Super Singing Circus. I'm on the left side in the back row next to the little girl in the pink dress. No, I'm not the bear. Rik Gern, a.k.a. Bonazo Crunch, is on the right side wearing the red-striped shirt.Jimmy Perini is in front with the big, blue bow tie.

On the Barney Set 1999

Once again I was organizing our photos and other memories to put into our scrapbooks when I came across these papers tucked away into a folder of assorted "this-and-thats". They're "call sheets" for the Barney video "Super Singing Circus" shot at the Las Colinas Studios in Irving, Texas. The working title at the time was "Super-Dee-Duper Circus". The video was shot in August of 1999 and released the following year on May 16th. I managed to get a part as a clown extra. Some footage of that shoot is shown on this blog under the Rancho Ramirez Video Pick #1 which you may have already seen. 

 Note the advance production schedule on the lower left and the Far Side cartoons on the lower right found on all the call sheets. Click on the images to magnify.

Last time I was on the Barney set I was a French magician and had plenty of lines to learn. This time around I had to clown it up for that wacky purple dinosaur. So if you've ever wondered what a breakdown of a day on a Barney set looks like here you go! Again, because of the children on the set the schedule for performers was pretty easy. We had an early call time as is typical for any set but we always finished our day before sunset. That was always nice.

We used our own costumes and did our own makeup and when the cameras rolled did a variety of things to add to the circus fun of the video. Rik Gern, my ol' road buddy from 1994 on the Ringling Red Unit was also part of the cast as was Jimmy Perini, another Clown College grad and a pretty amazing juggler. Working on the Barney set was always fun and quite honestly never felt like work. I wish more sets were like that. 


Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Sky #2

SAYSi Video Shoot at Bonham Elementary

I spent the last three days at Bonham Elementary where the good folks from SAYSi were shooting a Doc Ed video. Forty students were hand-picked by the teachers to be in the video and they were real troopers. They had to do many takes during those three days of the production under very hot lights all the while smiling, laughing and dancing too. They're wonderful, bright kids and it was a pleasure working with them. Some adult actors I've worked with could learn a lot from those kids. 

The bulk of the video was the "Rock Star" show but for the finish a local band called The Cartographers performed the "Aquifer Song" with new music that they composed. They're very talented and dedicated performers who write their own songs and perform at local venues here in San Antonio.

SAYSi's film crew was composed mostly of high school students who are learning the film trade via the SAYSi media arts program. For more on SAYSi check out the site. The ink is below.

Below are a variety of photos taken over those three days.

The crew between takes in the school library.

Setting up a shot in the classroom.

The kids waiting patiently between takes during the "Aquifer Song" segment.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Papermoon Puppet Company

Here's a promotional video for the Papermoon Puppet Company of Indonesia which will be performing MWATHIRIKA at the Great Plains regional Puppet Festival in West Liberty, Iowa in September. If you happen to be in that part of the country in September check it out. I know I'm hoping to do so.

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