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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Saturday Night Doodles

Another good night of entertainment courtesy of MeTv. The lineup did change up a little with Lost in Space being moved from it's 7:30pm time slot to 11pm and Wonder Woman taking it's place. Wonder Woman makes it more of a super hero Saturday Night and that's okay.

 In the seventies, my evenings (after homework, of course) consisted of watching my favorite super heroes come to life on the "little screen" such as The Amazing Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman. I saw and enjoyed them all and it makes me happy that my kids can enjoy them too. Sure, they can be purchased in dvd collections or you can find them on Hulu but it's more of an event and so much more fun when you can tune in on that special day, when super heroes rule the airwaves once again.


Slapstick Theatre- A Night at the Opera Clip: The Sanity Clause (1935)

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