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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Night Doodles

I'm back in the saddle again with my Saturday Night ritual watching 1960's sci fi and fantasy television shows and Svengoolie. I'm pleased that I was able to do what I did considering how much painting I have to do. I kept going from my painting to my sketch and and back again. But I needed my fun time with the family.  

Batman went toe toe with Frank Gorshin's Riddler. Gorshin was not only a fine actor but a very accomplished impressionist too. Lost in Space had the crew of the Jupiter 2 encountering a mysterious alien entity that thrived on fear. And Star Trek entertained us with a third season classic "Whom Gods Destroy" which finds Kirk and Spock trapped on Elba 11, where a former Star Fleet captain gone mad has taken control of the rehabilitation facility where he was an inmate.
The topper of the evening was Svengoolie. His film for the evening was "Island of Lost Souls", the 1932 classic starring Charles Laughton in the first adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel "Island of Dr. Moreau" written in 1896.

We all usually call it a night right after Svengoolie but next on the schedule was Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea followed by Night Gallery at midnight. Loved to stay up for that but I need my beauty sleep. Goodnight.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Roundup

Had my first Doc Ed shows of the year for the wee little ones at East Central Development Center which was a lot of fun. Two shows for a total of three hundred children. 

On the art front I've been painting steadily for the February 1st art show. Today I put the art work I have so far side by side to see how they look together. I seem to favor chiaoscuro. Whaddya know!
Signing copies of Milagro de Monterrey as the Silverado 16 Theaters.

There is a good chance Pammy and I will be at the Texas Book Fair this year lending Raining Popcorn Media a hand at promoting their line of children's books including the Milagro de Monterrey.That should be fun if it we can make it happen. Think positive!

Pammy and I have got some of our short term goals in motion and so far so good. I hope your year is going well. Have a good night. Hasta manana!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Circus Art Show Painting Update

Started a new piece for the art show this morning. It's been very fun so far. I feel good to be planning and creating something new: an art show. Even more fun is that Pammy and I want to add a few theatrical touches to it. We want it to be something other than the average art show one is accustomed to attending. That's the goal it's good to shoot high. More updates to come but plan on the show being on February 1st at 6p.m at Tres Rebecas located at 117 W. Mistletoe Ave.

January Sky #2

Neat sky as we walked to the Tip Top Cafe for a yummy, high-caloric lunch!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From Way Back When-Monster Cereals/Star Trek The Motion Picture Promo

Doc Ed Rings in the New Year!

My alter -ego, aquifer explorer Doc Edwards of the Edwards Aquifer Authority will have his first performance of the year tomorrow at East Central Development Center and will bring along his buddy Karston, the Texas Blind Salamander. More updates soon!

Monday Arrives...Holidays End

School is back in session and the holidays are least for now. The new week of the new year was spent sending emails and making phone calls AND painting. Lots of that to be done for the art show. Pammy and I are working hard to make it a good one. We have many ideas to make it more than just your average look at paintings. We'll see how it goes. I'm also looking into the possibility of making prints of some of my paintings which is something I've been wanting to do for some time now. Big plans in 2013 for us here at Rancho Ramirez!The art show is just a part of it. Cross your fingers and wish us luck.
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