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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Roundup

Had my first Doc Ed shows of the year for the wee little ones at East Central Development Center which was a lot of fun. Two shows for a total of three hundred children. 

On the art front I've been painting steadily for the February 1st art show. Today I put the art work I have so far side by side to see how they look together. I seem to favor chiaoscuro. Whaddya know!
Signing copies of Milagro de Monterrey as the Silverado 16 Theaters.

There is a good chance Pammy and I will be at the Texas Book Fair this year lending Raining Popcorn Media a hand at promoting their line of children's books including the Milagro de Monterrey.That should be fun if it we can make it happen. Think positive!

Pammy and I have got some of our short term goals in motion and so far so good. I hope your year is going well. Have a good night. Hasta manana!

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