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Saturday, January 29, 2011

HBO signoff 1979

Friday Roundup on Saturday Night

Friday got away from me so I didn't get a chance to post my recap of the week so I'm doing now. I had a couple of Doc Ed presentations at the Scenic Hills Elementary School on Friday afternoon. The folks there were very nice. The teachers were very helpful and they were nice enough to take a few photos of the presentations for me. One of the perks of being Doc Ed is that I essentially am myself when I appear as the character of Doc Ed. Pretty easy. The drawback, for me anyway, is that Doc Edwards has a specific look for his hair which means I have to cut my hair regularly. As my wife will tell you I generally let my hair sprout like weeds in a vacant lot until I have no choice but to cut it. For the last three years I've had to keep my hair neat and trim. Over the holidays when there were no Doc Ed presentations, I didn't bother cutting my hair so it was a little bushier than normal. I kept promising I'd cut it well before the day of my first presentation of the New Year. I didn't.

Fast forward to Friday the 28th. I've my first official Doc Ed presentation scheduled for midday and I needed to get my haircut quick. I check out the nearest Super Cuts- type place near our house. I walk in and there are two stylist there... all on one side of a very large room. One is busy cutting a patron's hair while the other is in a slump/ reclined position on his chair. Both looked at me when I walked in but said nothing. There was an awkward pause and silence which I broke by saying "good morning" and "I'd like a haircut." The stylist busy cutting hair asked me to sign in. Now keep in mind that other than the one patron getting his hair cut I was the only other patron present. I sign in anyway. "When in Rome", as they say. Besides you don't question the logic of someone with a sharp instrument in their hands.

Now as soon as I signed in the half slumped, half reclining stylist guy stood up and in a weary, raspy voice asked me if I was ready. I assumed he meant ready for a haircut. I replied in the affirmative. My assumption was correct. At that point I could have easily turned and left the building but I needed the haircut. I sat down and told him how I wanted my hair cut and he asked me if I wanted him to use the shears or the clippers. I usually like to leave such matters to an expert but apparently my advice was needed. I was simultaneously flattered and frightened. I replied in as calm a voice as possible, " Whatever you think is best." I scanned his station to make sure the proper credentials were on display. He starts cutting.

The reason he sounded raspy was because he had what sounded like a very nasty cold which required him to sniffle up his very runny nose. I'm not sure that's the best way to write that but you get the picture. I don't recall him ever reaching for a tissue but my eyes may have been closed. Thankfully he worked fast. I paid him and left wondering "Why me?!" I don't know if there's a real lesson to be learned here but if there is I'm sure I'd soon forget it. And even if I did remember that lesson I'd probably just ignore it. Nuff' said. Good night.

Friday, January 28, 2011

More Field Trip Photos

This a plaque at the entrance of the Prospect park and Purgatory Creek Greenspace which is a beautiful walking trail in San Marcos, Texas.

This is the entrance to the site. It's 463 acres of protected land directly over the recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer. When you look at the photo you get the impression that it's in a remote, undeveloped area but if you could see directly opposite of the entrance you'd see a thriving neighborhood facing it.

A sinkhole in the park. These are all features of the Edwards Aquifer.

Placed in the park were several of these informative posts to fill you in on sinkholes aquifer critter stuff. Below is a link to a website for the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance with information on natural areas found in the San Marcos area including the one on this post.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Way Back When- Conjunction Junction

School House Rock was one of the best things to come out of commercial t.v. in the seventies and perhaps ever in terms of educational material. It was educational AND it had great singing and song writing coupled with wonderful animation. One of my favorite is "Conjunction Junction". Viva los seventies!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doc Ed's Excellent Field Trip Adventure

Here's a view from the drainage area of the Edwards Aquifer region high up in the majestic Texas hill country. We were standing on rock dating back one hundred million years to Cretaceous era. During that time Texas was covered by a shallow sea. As we walked in this area there were fossil shells just lying there. Pretty amazing and all near densely populated areas like the town of Wimberly. This was one stop of several we made on our field trip today. If I learned anything today is how much development has occurred and continues on to this day on top of what is our water supply for our part of Texas. But just as important was learning there are a good many folk that protect the natural beauty of our state. I'll post more photos during the course of the week.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Comic is Mightier than the Sword
Jon Stewart host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central.

It's been a couple of weeks since the tragedy that occurred in Arizona. How does one articulate the feelings and thoughts evoked by such violence? The words escape me. Jon Stewart is a very intelligent and articulate person, not to mention very funny. On his show he's funny, of course, but also very insightful, especially when interviewing his guests.

On the Monday after the shootings he began his show speaking eloquently about his thoughts and feelings regarding that terrible event. If only that level of intelligence and eloquence could be heard more often from our politicians. Thank God for comedians! Here's a link to that segment of his show.

Monday, January 24, 2011

From the Sketchbook

I hadn't watched Harry and the Hendersons since it came out and it reminded me of how I haven't taken the time to draw any of our country's legendary figures, icons...nay, folk heroes! So in order to rectify that omission I offer to you a sketch of the sweet, gentle, vegetarian but smelly bigfoot affectionately called "Harry" by his adopted family.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Harry and the Hendersons Part 10

Harry and the Hendersons Part 9

Harry and the Hendersons Part 8

Harry and the Hendersons Part 7

Harry and the Hendersons Part 6

Harry and the Hendersons Part 5

Harry and the Hendersons Part 4

Harry and the Hendersons Part 3

Harry and the Hendersons Part 2

Sunday Morning Matinee- Harry and the Hendersons Part 1

Good morning ladies and germs. Welcome to the Ramirez Drive-In Theater. This morning we'd like to present a classic from way back in 1987. The film is brought to you by the good people at Amblin Entertainment, which is to say it's a Steven Spielberg film. It was produced and directed by William Dear ( I have no idea who he is.) with special makeup effects by the one and only Rick Baker for which he received and Academy Award. Cool beans, man! Below are wiki links with more info on the film and just for fun ,though I'm not a cryto-zoologist, some info on the legendary critter: Bigfoot. And now, on with the show!!

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