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Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Down...

Lukas took this photo at the end of the night last night. Things went well overall. The show will smooth out even more over the weekend but we've pretty much got it down. It's good to be around performers of a high caliber again. It recharges the ol' batteries!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Doc Edwards on Facebook

Howdy to all! Doc Edwards is now on Facebook. Here's the link:

While your at it pay a visit to Doc Ed's website. The link is below.

Friday Roundup

That's what the sky looked like yesterday over most of San Antonio.

This has been a crazy week but it's finally coming to an exciting conclusion. The rehearsals for our variety show at Seaworld are over and tonight the run begins. Between building marionettes and rehearsals I squeezed in three Doc Ed shows for the Crestview Elementary Science Day at the Park in Live Oak. This week was also conference week at our kid's school where all the parents get to visit with our teachers to see how our children are doing so far and so far so good. Knock on wood! Today I'm catching up on household duties which I've neglected over the last week and a half but I'm really enjoying it. It's funny how the mundane chores become fun when you've been away from them for a while.

Magic in the Air

These are photos taken Wednesday night when we did a run-thru with sounds, lights and costumes. At this point the lights are still in need of serious adjusting. We couldn't move very far from center stage with being out of the lights. It makes for a pretty dramatic photo though. By the way, that's Mike Williams, a.k.a. "Magic Mike" presenting the classic magic trick: the linking rings.

I wish I'd gotten this picture right. Even blurry it still looks good.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rained Out

That's the stage we'll be working on for the next four weekends starting tomorrow afternoon.

Since we're working on an outdoor stage today's rehearsal was canceled due to the thunderstorms in the area. Tomorrow is opening night for the show so it should be interesting. I finally got around to downloading the photos I've been taking of rehearsals. The photos show the second day of rehearsals as we present our routines to Dick Monday and figure out the running order of the show.

That's Lukas Dudek balancing a golf club on the tip of a knife. Pretty amazing!

Magic Mike is rehearsing the "Zombie Ball" routine. It's an impressive bit of magic.

David balancing on the rola bola while juggling machetes. He combines the skills display with a humorous story.

All three of my fellow performers on stage for the opening minutes of the show. I'm backstage removing the giant "Grim Reaper" puppet.

Our modest backstage area. You can see my puppets just to the right.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two More Days!

Rehearsal ended a little after nine this evening and here I finally am at home. It's 11:21 p.m. as I'm writing this and my body hurts but not in a good way. I took some pictures but I'll have to post them tomorrow afternoon before I take off for rehearsal. Tomorrow morning I've got four Doc Ed shows starting at eight thirty so once again I'll be denied a full night's sleep. I haven't slept so little since college.

The show is pretty much ready for an audience which we'll have tomorrow night. There are supposed to be several thousand park employees and guests that will be checking out all the shows including ours. With any luck we'll just run it once and call it a day.

I'm really happy to be working with a real solid group of entertainers once again. It's been a while. True professionals! There were some technical issues with the lights but it didn't fluster them. They kept their cool and kept working. I wish I could work with them more often. Now it's time to catch some zzzz's. Night, night.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today's rehearsal went pretty well. We figured out the entrances and exits and certain bits that will be segues too. Oh, I don't think I've mentioned the names of my fellow performers. They are Lukas Dudek (Sword Swallower), Mike Williams (magician) and David Smith (Contact Juggler). But don't believe for one minute that's all they can do. No. They, like most variety arts performers they have many skills that they can use to entertain the masses.

During rehearsal I got to see some great contact juggling, magic and sword balancing as well as some contortion by David. My puppetry was looking good too. I was a little concerned with making my break away skeleton interesting for two and half minutes. As far as trick marionettes go it's basically a one-trick pony but the music for that number allowed for some dramatic improvisation to develop that will make it work. It's amazing what the right music will do for a routine. All in all it should be a pretty good show and today we'll have a later rehearsal hopefully with lights this time. Come Friday we should be more than ready to start our run.

Sorry. No pictures this time. I forgot the camera but I wont forget it tomorrow.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Monday Always Arrives Too Soon

Sorry I haven't been posting in a timely manner. I'm trying to finish up the puppets for the Seaworld show and rehearsals started today. The cast of performers for the show are very talented and very young. I felt so old today. That's Pammy modeling the giant Grim Reaper puppet for that show. More photos tomorrow...hopefully.
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