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Saturday, January 22, 2011


We spent the day today doing kid stuff and concluded it at the Children's Museum where we had a lot of fun. I like to end the day with a laugh or at least a smile so I wanted to share this neat video I saw on YouTube. Enjoy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Star Trek KFC

I'm a classic Star Trek nut so i had to share this little gem I found on one of my favorite blogs News from Me. Check it out then check out the News from Me blog. The link is below.

Friday Roundup

Pammy (above) and me (below) doing some voiceover work for Art Avila, owner, along with his wife Lisa, of Raining Popcorn Media.

I finally finished the "Bilbo Meets Gollum" illustration. Below are the step by step images.

Well it's the end of the work week again. It's been a good week but I always look forward to the weekend. This past week we spent some time at the at Raining popcorn Media's office doing some voiceover work, which is always fun and challenging.

I finally got around to finishing my hobbit illustration (too many distractions this month) and I'm pleased with the end results. I'm still thinking which section of the book I should illustrate next. It could be a toss up between the battle of five armies or that wonderful scene at Bag End where all the dwarves are playing their musical instruments as Gandalf smokes his pipe and Bilbo listens intently by the warmth and glow of the fireplace. There's also the scene where Bilbo is captured by the mountain trolls as he tries to "burgle" them. We'll see.

This week the good folks at the Edwards Aquifer Authority scheduled my first field trip of the year for next week exploring the aquifer region of Hays county. That should be fun. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures to post here.

Today did begin a bit hectic. We were moving a little slowly this morning as we got the kids safely off to school. After that it was time for our walk, some good Mexican food at a nearby "mom and pop place" (not our beloved Pink House) then we had to get to work. Most of my time this morning will be spent at the computer then I'll just be sketching a few ideas out for various projects I've got in mind that I'll post next week. After that it's all about the kids. We will be going out to the library to pick up a copy of the theatrical version of the Narnia Chronicles: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. We never got to see them at the theater but we'll see both this weekend and then go see the latest installment on the big screen...assuming that it's still out there. It'll also be a good time to sketch out some ideas for a series of illustrations from that classic story too. I can't wait.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

When You Go Down to the River...

Good morning to all. Pammy enjoy taking our morning strolls at Brackenridge Park here in San Antonio. The footage above was taken near the head waters of the San Antonio River. It looks beautiful in the morning light the sounds of the river are equally as appealing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Gruffalo - Making Of

I've always been inspired by children's books and animation. It definitely influences my art. Here's a behind the scenes video for the making of the animated version of a neat children's book: The Gruffalo. This is something I saw on "Cartoon Brew", one of my favorite blogsites. Below is a link to it. Enjoy!

Portrait Fun

Self Portrait. Acrylic on Paper.

Whenever I can't think of something to paint I fall back on the reliable and challenging self portrait. Back in school we used to do these all the time; We'd paint ourselves, each other and usually with a time limit to add to the challenge. I don't think I'll ever become a portrait painter but every now and again it's fun to do them.

Mid-week Stuff

Pammy sitting on the steps of our beloved "Pink House" , a haven from a hurried world, deep in the heart of the westside of town.

Un platillo de Calabacita.

Pollo de Mole con arroz , frijoles y ensalada.

It's been a very relaxing Wednesday so far. Pammy and I spent the morning together, having sent our children off to school for the day, enjoying a yummy breakfast at our favorite place we affectionately call the "Pink House". There's no better place for Mexican food for us and we drive out to the west side of town every chance we get just to sit and sip coffee, eat a plate of Huevos al la Mexicana or enjoy a bowl of arroz con leche. It's also one of the few places that serves nopalitos.

Now that we got our fill of some good "eats" we finally got to work. I found out from the good folks at the Edwards Aquifer Authority that a field trip is being organized to various areas of the aquifer region. This might include visiting some caves too. It sounds pretty neat. Being Doc Ed is never dull.

Pammy and I are also thinking ahead about plans to get back to having our own children's theatre. We met while at a children's theatre and loved the time we worked there so much. We're still in the early planning stages but perhaps within the year or so, if all goes well, it might very well happen. For now we have to prepare.

At the end of the month I plan to attend a meeting of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. It's all part of my push this year to learn and grow. I've been away from the magic scene for a while and think it's high time I returned to it. I"ll also get to meet some new folks, network a little and you never know what may come of it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Southwest Texas SCBWI Meeting and Lecture

The guest speakers from left to right: Heather Powers, Maritha Burmeister, Lupe Ruiz-Flores and Catherine Stier.

Children's book author Catherine Stier at the conclusion of her presentation on old school marketing methods. Regional advisor Heather Powers is showing the audience one of several copies of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Bulletin.

The panel of local writers that spoke this past Saturday at the monthly meeting of the Southwest Texas Chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) gave informative and entertaining presentations. Each wrote according to what interested them but they all stressed the unquestionable necessity and value of marketing your books in order to They approach the business of marketing their books through a wide variety of ways both contemporary and of course, "old school"; each approach used in combination to promote themselves and their products.

If one is to have any kind of success in this business, and a business it is, marketing is key to success. If you write and/or illustrate for the children's book market you should consider joining the SCBWI. Here's a link to the local chapter.

And besides the fact that they're very knowledgeable they also happen to be nice, friendly people to know. So what are you waiting for?

A Walk in the Park

I took this one this on our morning walk today. The light and shadows on the trees and ground are just breathtaking. Nature is the ultimate artist.
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