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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Marionettes, Physical Comedy and Ballet Go Together Well

Pammy and I are going to have fun working together again on stage. She and I will be performing for the Connally's Dance Workshop's annual recital. I'll be a toymaker and she'll be a customer buying gifts at my shop including a trapeze bear marionette.

 She and I will be working out some "comic business" as she goes from item to item in search of the perfect gifts. 

Rehearsals for our part started today but the show is the first week of June. Should be fun! It's also a good feeling to be working in pantomime again. It's been a very long time!

Monday, May 13, 2013


After the kids went to school our Monday started with coffee and tacos and one of our favorite places. Afterward it was time to clock in. Emails and phone calls were at the top of the list but I also had to get back to working on some book illustrations, one of which you see pictured on the left. Now it's late in the afternoon and I'm writing this post with the knowledge that it will start all over again tomorrow morning. For now , though, it's time to pop open a brew and warm up the ol' analog t.v. for the evening news.

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