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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sarturday Hilights and "Low lights"

The author Chris Barton giving a great presentation on publishing his first book.

Today was a day full of experiences both positive and negative. This afternoon I attended a lecture and booksigning at the Barnes and Noble at the San Pedro Crossing. It was sponsored in part by the local chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. The author Mr. Chris Barton presented a very entertaining and informative lecture on the process of having his first book "The Day Glo Brothers" published. Afterward I networked a bit meeting and chatting with some nice folks. It was a great experience and I'm glad I attended.

This evening was the opening of the Revolucion art show for which I had made a painting and a drawing to exhibit. Now I want want to mention that prior to this show I hadn't taken part in any art shows since 2007. Being part of a group art show can be a good experience. You get to meet other artists and there is the possibility of selling your art. The thing is, art shows are only as good as the gallery where show your work. If for instance, your art is placed in a ridiculously low position that only a little person would find acceptable, it could be a sign that your work wont be noticed thus hindering the chances of it being sold. Couple that with inadequate lighting and the artist might as well take his piece and go home.

Such was my experience with the Revolucion show. It was both disappointing and shocking. The last time I was part of an art show in San Antonio I had a similar experience. Now, three years later, at an entirely different gallery I get to be disappointed again.

The photo below shows the entrance leading into the show. You see so many lights of all kinds. Then at the rear of the gallery, where you find my work, you are suddenly on the dark side of the moon. If you click on the photo you can magnify it and you'll see a guy to the left at the far end of the room. He looks like he's wearing a fake Fidel Castro beard. On the opposite side of the panel he's loitering by is where you'll find my work. The second photo shows me standing next to my work that is displayed at waist height and sans light.

One shouldn't have to squint and stoop to see a painting unless age and infirmity are the cause rather than a lack of care. When I was in college we took care to properly display our art because the way we presented the work was a direct reflection of ourselves. What I saw tonight was a lack of respect and care for the work entrusted to the organizers of the show. Perhaps they need a remedial course in Art Show 101.

Oooooh and aaaaah! Then...

Houston we have a problem...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Roundup

Pen and ink drawing of Bonzo Crunch a.k.a. Rik Gern of Austin, Texas.

This week wasn't as crazy as the previous weeks had been and I along with my entire family are grateful. I have started work on the new hobbit illustration showing Bilbo meeting Gollum deep in the heart of the Misty Mountains. I posted the rough sketches for that a couple of weeks ago but my work schedule prevented my working on it any further. I'll be posting the finished work as soon as it's finished. The pressure is on! No, not really. I'll have a great deal of fun painting it.

Tomorrow is the Revolucion art show down at the Gallista Gallery. I'll be around indulging in the food and wine while trying to schmooze. Oh, rapture! But before I play artist I'll be attending a talk and booksigning by children's book author Chris Barton at the Barnes and Noble, San Pedro Crossing location.

The event is also the last meeting for the year of the Southwest Chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators whose ranks I'll soon be joining. It should be quite the learning experience. It's the step in the right direction I should have taken long ago but better late than never I guess. It's all part of da' big picture that will make the new year anything but dull. In fact, it will be a perfect addition to what I predict will a very exciting year.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Clown Photos

Here's a couple of links to sites by New York photographer and former Ringling circus clown Deborah Gilbert.

Here's part two of the dvd and a link to David Levy's website.
Nice work Mr. Levy. The dvd is courtesy of the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

Here's part one of the Doc Ed dvd (courtesy of the Edwards Aquifer Authority) you can find at any San Antonio area library. The animation was done by David Levy a very talented animator from New York City and he did a great job.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Day Off

Tomorrow is my day off from the rigors of being an art bum. Here are a few sites I enjoy and may very well be checking out tomorrow as I chillax for a while. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Here's another cool site I enjoy.

Here's a link to a neat website for Leonard Maltin, the film historian.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Revolucion Right Around the Corner


Front cover art for "The Zapata Chronicles".

Just a quick reminder that the Revolucion art show is coming up this weekend. Above and below are images of the art I submitted for the show. Hope to see you there.

Page one art for "The Zapata Chronicles".

They like me!

The oven in action.

Life is full of surprises isn't it? Well, the Hansel and Gretel ballet was reviewed the past week getting a very good write up too. Towards the end of the review the oven my Dad and I built actually got a good mention. Go figure and hooray for us. Below is a link to the review.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Out and About with Doc Ed

Foster Elementary.

I've got them in the palm of my manos!

This afternoon Doc Ed spent some time with fourth and fifth graders at Foster Elementary. They were great kids and asked all kinds of questions. I think there were a few future scientists in the audience. It's good to know that the sciences are going strong in our elementary schools. This Wednesday Doc will be hitting the road for a couple of presentations at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos for their annual Groundwater Festival sponsored by the Edwards Aquifer Authority . Below is a link to the website for more info on the event.
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