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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Roundup

Doc Ed and his pal Karston, the Texas Blind Salamander being goofy for the kids at Knowlton Elementary. My camera is still acting up so pardon the poor picture quality.

This week my kids got to see the costumes they'd be wearing for their dance recital, Pammy and I have a puppet project brewing and Doc Ed presented his Count on the Aquifer for the kindergarten students at Knowlton Elementary.

Oh. I almost forgot to mention my son and I attended our first stop motion animation class earlier this week. Our assignment is to write a two to three minute script then create the storyboards. Next week we'll have our work reviewed and proceed to the next step: character development. Very cool stuff. The goal is to have a finished short film by the end of May which is both exciting and intimidating. This will be a great test in patience for both my son and I. But it's also very exciting.

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