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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eric Fonseca

Here's a preview for a short stop motion animation film by my teacher Eric Fonseca. Beautiful work. I've also embedded a stop-motion panel discussion of his films at the 2010 O-Conn Anime Convention.

By the way, I finally got a chance to animate this past Monday. I was nervous at first because quit honestly I didn't want it to go wrong so I hesitated a bit. Thanks to Mr. Fonseca's advice to simply jump in with child-like abandon, I just went for it and am pleased so far with my first try at this wonderful art form. There's still a lot more to do though. Lots! Animation is kind of like geologic time in that it takes awhile to get something finished.

Below is a link to an interview with Eric Fonseca from the Missions Unknown website.

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