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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boys of Summer Coming!

The countdown is on: Four days and counting for the dvd release of the Perfect game movie! Tuesday, August 2nd is the big day for the release of the wonderful film. I'll be completing the last of the recording for the Milagro de Monterrey book to be used for the Apps tomorrow. Below are links to the movie site and Raining Popcorn Media, publisher of the picture book version of the story.

Still Fussing

I've been working on the Ymir vs. Elephant sketches trying to get the elephant anatomy right. As often as I've been around elephants over the years you'd think I'd have no problem. Yeesh! The rear legs look too thick and tube-like. I shall have to "lipo" those pachyderm gams a bit. Anyway, I'm generally pleased with how it's shaping up, especially the elephant and I can't wait to put brush and ink to paper.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Roundup

Video showing some footage from the 131st Edition of the RBBBC on which we last toured.

Well, the end of the work week is here. Hooray! It's been calm for me but it's been pretty hectic for Pammy. Arte y Pasion has a it's one and only full dress rehearsal today plus the techies have to finish their work too before tomorrow's show. Tomorrow night Pammy doesn't have to be at the theater until a couple of hours before showtime which is nice. On Sunday there's one show and then the curtain closes on that production. After Sunday, Pammy is looking forward to getting her life back then it's time to focus on shopping for school supplies and new clothes for the kids. Wow. Short summer, aye?

A quick note: I ran out to the car to get something and noticed some dark clouds and then it sprinkled a little. Rain might be on the way. I'm excited!

The above circus video is included because I had the circus on my mind today. Setting up the curtained dressing area today for the dancers down at the Carver got me and Pammy flashing back to the road. Ten years ago we were in San Jose, California, if my memory serves well. At the end of the run there we rented a car and drove to Pam's hometown of Santa Cruz where we both would have easily loved to have stayed forever. That week drove across the hills to San Francisco to catch Bill Irwin and David Shiner in "Fool Moon". After the show we were whisked off my Mr. Shiner to a bar for drinks and some pretty neat discussions on clowning and circus. He's a pretty intense fellow and we all had a great time in his company. Good memories.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


“Brent Anderson had a lot of art stolen in San Diego. His car was broken into at the San Diego Zoo and the following original art was stolen: 50 pages from Astro City Vols. 1 & 2 & Local Heroes; AC: Dark Age Books 1 (#s 1-4), 2 (#s 1-4) & 3 (#s 1-4) (50 pages). Green Lantern and Rising Stars artwork was stolen as well. Please share this to as many venues as possible, to get the thief caught and the art returned.”Link
From the Beat. Link below.

This Just In...

I just saw this in our inbox. It's a photo of Pammy sent via the iPhone of Helen Konduris (production assistant/outreach) from the Carver Cultural Arts Center's Jo Long Theater. Today is set up and tech run thru for the Arte y Pasion flamenco show, which by the way opens this weekend. Pammy is smiling so that's a good sign. I'm crossing my fingers, knocking on wood and wishing on a star that her smile remains throughout the rehearsal and run of the show but it's live theater so it will come and go as needed. I'm with you in spirit, dear.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From Way Back When : Star Wars Episode IV Trailer

Remember in the seventies when sci fi was turned on it's head by this? I went to the movies to see it as often as I could memorizing the lines. I couldn't watch any other space adventures after that without comparing it to Star Wars. Fun times for a teen geek boy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Circus Memories- 1990

Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown Alley at the Whitehouse Easter Egg Roll 1990. Pammy is on the far right with polka dot dress and a foot in her arms.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Time Crunch!

I've started my week by re-reading one of my favorite books "Time and Again" by Jack Finney" a time travel story where an illustrator is recruited into a secret government project sending him back to back to 1882. The method by which he travels is not accomplished by any device or vehicle like the one employed by H.G.Well's time traveler in "The Time Machine". Its a metaphysical one like in the book "Bid Time Return" by Richard Matheson on which the film "Somewhere in Time" starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour is based, where you move through time by convincing your mind your are in another place and time apart from the present. Time travel via the consciousness...groovy.

I think time is one of those final frontiers we've yet to conquer and perhaps we shouldn't. But if I had the ability to think myself to another time it would have to be at the turn of the last century so I can witness the silent movie era as it unfolds as well as enjoy some vaudeville. Time travel has always fascinated me as I imagine it has many people. I think it's a great concept and I love the book.

Thanks to one of my favorite blog sites, Dee Declares ( Sorry. I haven't figured out how to create a link with just the name alone.), I've recently become of aware of something called National Novel Writing Month where upon a person is tasked with writing a fifty thousand word novel starting November 1st and ending on the 30th of the same month. Sounds like quite a rush and I'm seriously contemplating giving it a go. Again, this would be a continuation of
my short term goal to expand my horizons and marketing abilities. It's a catch-all kinda goal which suits me just fine.

I've never written anything beyond term papers, comic strips and bad poetry so I would definitely be diving (more like belly flopping) into some serious stress for thirty days in the middle of the holidays. Do I really want to do that? It can be a hectic time of year and adding the Herculean effort of writing a novel might turn me into a real pill to be around. I must ponder this awhile over a tall glass of milk and Little Debbie's Snack Cakes.

I also wanted to mention that today marks the beginning of Hell Week for Pammy. The flamenco show she's working as production manager opens this weekend. She'll be very busy for the next five days making sure all aspects of the production are moving ahead as the final dress rehearsal approaches. She'll also be clocking in at her regular job as pastry chef and that alone can be very hectic too. To make it an even crazier week she is also helping with a dinner for the cast after the show closes this Sunday. Pammy lives life to the fullest. Her middle name is Carpe Diem. I love that about her. Needless to say I will do what I can to help make her week as pleasant as possible.
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