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Friday, September 3, 2010


Pammy's headshot from the early eighties.

Pammy turned forty seven this month but the despite the passage of time from the day that headshot above was taken she says she still feels the same. I look at her and see nothing about her has really changed. Pammy is the same young woman I met almost twenty years ago in that old theatre that was our little Shangri La. She's a spirit of the theatre which makes her ageless.
I look at her and see a Pixie looking back at me. So let Time tick away all it wants because Pammy will always set the clock to her liking. Happy birthday week, my sweet.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dillwater Brothers Construction

Pammy and I on the stage at the Salado Silver Spur in Salado, Texas in July of 2009. Below is a portion of the show where the Dillwater Brothers dash all hopes of a proper set much to the dismay of the frazzled Pammy who plays the stage director.


Self portrait. Pastel on paper. 18"x24"

The month of September is finally here which means that stores will be setting out Halloween decorations in preparation of that spooky night almost two months away. Personally I don't mind them jumping the gun that way because the holiday season ends to quickly for us. So what if it isn't even Labor day yet. Bring it!!

Oh and speaking of Labor Day, my dear wife Pammy celebrated her birthday this week. Happy birthday to my better half. We're doing something fun for her b-day this weekend which will include lot'sa wine. Whahooo!!!

On the art front, I'm still waiting for word on the Houston Metro project. The wheels of progress are perilously close to grinding to a halt. I anticipate a call some morning just as I'm sipping a hot cup of coffee while I munch on an empanada and laugh at the feline antics in Get Fuzzy. It'll be the calm voice of my art director telling me the art has to be finished in a.s.a.p, pronto time to which I will calmly reply, " Okey dokey, there. Then I'll hang up the phone so I can go cry in the shower as I eat a soggy empanada. No,no. I'm thinking happy thoughts. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Newspaper clipping of the show for August 1991.

Pammy and Christy on stage at the San Antonio Fine arts Center, located in the old Woodlawn Theatre, performing "Dagwood Sandwich" a classic circus clown routine. This stage area was built on part of the former balcony section.

Christy and Pammy in the office of the San Antonio Fine Arts Center. I miss that old office.

Pammy and friend Stephanie with her son Ian who popped in to check out the show that day.

Not too long after the San Antonio Fine Arts Center opened Pammy and Christy decided to do a clown show in order to attract some attention to the fledgling theatre. Christy was and is always ready to roll up her sleeves to lend a hand so down she came from the "Big D" with all her clown props packed tight in her car. Joining her on the trip was Lava, her large black dog.

Pammy and Christy did two shows a day for a week and had a lot of fun too. Making his stage debut that week was Lava, who did some funny business with a tennis ball. Lava had a gift for drooling and smelling like a dog. Both gifts were put to good use. The rest of the show consisted of clown gags, magic and juggling and ran about an hour.

Pammy and Christy met in 1989 at the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown College becoming the best of friends. They always worked well together and never passed up a chance work on stage. It's been a while since they've teamed up but like all things in show biz and life, things happen when you least expect it.
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