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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Roundup- Time Keeps Flowing Like A River


Bright,isn't it?
Well, this week saw me doing a couple of Doc Ed shows in this, the second to the last week before the conclusion of summer vacation. In just a few short months it will be five years that I've edu-taining the kiddoes on all things Edwards Aquifer. Five Seems like only yesterday Pammy and I were hired to write the shows. It's grown into three shows and now were also building props for it too. The latest show is for the wee, little ones of kindergarten that includes a brand new Karston puppet. 

I started work on a new business card for Pammy for her baking work. She's very good at it and loves the creative outlet it offers. It's something she'll be working to do more often. I'm all for that.  Got to have several irons on the fire, know what a mean, Vern?
                                                                 also talked to Mr. Vincent Mann about bringing his one-man autobiographical show The Last Hippie, to Texas once again. He performed it what at first I thought was only last year at The Vortex Theatre in Austin but in actuality was back in 2009. Three years sneaked past us! How'd that happen!! This time the hope is to do a run here in San Antonio. When Pammy wanted to bring her dad's short stories of his family's experiences in the military from World War I to the Viet Nam War to life on the stage, she wanted Vincent to be the one to perform them and did a couple times over the last few years with Pammy directing. It was titled "Staff Car" and Vincent did a fine job each time. With any luck, he'll be opening his show here in late September or early October. 

I finally finished another monster/ sci-fi illustration in my quest to amass as many as I can in time for a convention in the spring. I'm very happy with the results so far and I'm looking forward to the next one.  I've also been thinking of taking some of those illustrations and turning them into prints and also possibly putting them on t-shirts. You gotta think big to be big! That all takes moolah so we'll see how soon it can happen but mark my words, citizens, it will. Irons in the fire....      

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