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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Curtain Closes on La Carpa Garcia

La Carpa Garcia finished it's run this weekend at SaySi this weekend to another great house! What a wonderful experience. The ALAS Youth Theatre Company cast members did so well throughout the run. And I was more than a little pleased about a the love and care that went into making this a great show. The research about the Carpa and the Garcia family was detailed and that attention to detail carried over into the script beautifully. The set was impressive too as were the costumes. It was a fine theatrical presentation overall ! 

Yours truly as the elderly Don Fito.

I was also a great deal of fun playing the role of the elderly Rodolfo "Don Fito" Garcia. Even old age and illness could dampen his clown spirit. It was a real honor playing him. It's not often one gets a role that brings a bit of Mexican American history that is little known to life.
Rodlfo Garcia as "Don Fito: El Vato Suave!
For more on the Carpa Garcia and Mexican Circuses go to the links below.

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