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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Raye Theater in Hondo

One of the pleasures of working as a freelance performer, in this case Doc Ed, is going on road trips to places like Hondo where I saw a a movie theater. I love movie theaters, especially the older ones like the one I saw in Hondo last Tuesday. The Raye Theater, located in old downtown Hondo, is like a precious gem which is hopefully appreciated by the locals. There's not much info on  the internet that I could find about the theater and it's history but since it only has a single screen and it's particular architecture, I can only assume that it dates back to at the least the early 1940's or 1930's.

As soon as there's a chance I want my family to see this place. My kids have never seen a theater like it before so it should be a treat for them I want them to see what they used to be like in my youth before all of them are gone.

The ceiling above the box office. Beautiful!
 Below is a link to the Raye Theater website.

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