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Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Roundup

Spent the week finishing pastel drawings for our Arriba Arte Studio and doing some Doc Ed shows. Busy week. But with all that going on I spent most of my week thinking about my old friends...old times. We've been in touch with many of our buddies recently that we hadn't spoken to in a very long time. 
Pammy and I clowning it up at the Salado Silver Spur Theater.

They've got lots to talk about. Life is for them as it is for the majority of us, full of good times and not so good times. A friend of ours is about to shut the doors to his beloved theater, the Salado Silver Spur, which he'd kept going for ten years. It's sad but I try to remind myself that at least he had ten years of good times on the stage putting on shows that he loved to do very much. Most of us wish we had that kind of a run anywhere! Still, it closing. The world loses another refuge from reality where fun is the order of business. Not enough of those places to go around. 

Pammy and I did some shows there and had fun on and off the stage with our fellow clowns and magicians and jugglers sharing the same goal of putting a smile on as many faces as possible. That's neat! And when you did that at a place like the Salado Silver Spur, which felt like home when you worked there, it was all the better. Our kids spent many a day and night there, mostly backstage or in the green room as we rehearsed or did our shows. They practically grew up there. Sometimes they'd be picked from the audience to assist in a magic trick or juggling trick. They loved being a part of the show. Good memories.

Sad to know it'll just be a vacant building soon. I think, though, in our case, the best thing we can do is remember the fun we had there and let those memories fuel our own attempts to make our own fun, magical place a reality here. That way a little of the Salado Silver Spur will always be around in everything we do. Got to keep the magic going.

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