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Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday at Rancho Ramirez

Monday always starts with sending the kids off to school with a smile and a very big "I love you" to both of them. Soon after we settle into the routine of this, the first working day of our week. We try not to work on weekends as often as possible. We  prefer our weekends to revolve around the house taking care of chores and of course, spending quality time with our children. Old school is always in session at Rancho Ramirez.

Emails and phone calls take up part of this morning...confirming Doc Ed presentations for the week and setting up a photo shoot for good ol' Doc Ed and his puppet pal Karston. Yes, there will be publicity photos of Doc and Karston soon! A very interesting development to be certain. We'll also be meeting to discuss ideas for 30 second spots on the Edwards Aquifer featuring Doc and Karston and perhaps some using only Karston. All this and it isn't even spring ...technically... though the trees and flowers seem to feel otherwise.

Pammy and I will also continue setting up our space at Tres Rebecas. It really is a special place. We feel very comfortable there. Our next bit of fun begins this weekend with acting and art classes. We hope the classes will make. Keep your fingers crossed for us please. Oh, and by Thursday I'll have a number of pastel drawing of flower arrangements up for sale there too. Stop by and check them out.

Ladies in waiting.

This week I'll also be getting back to work on my horror and fantasy art which had to be put aside temporarily for a number of reasons. My goal still continues to be to set up a booth at a convention in the next few months as well as put up a website with a store to sell my art. 

Too many irons in the fire? Never!!

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