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Monday, February 25, 2013

Saturday Night Doodles

Another Saturday night well spent with my family eating fun food and watching classic old school t.v. The Riddler was up to his old tricks on Batman. I have become quite a fan of Frank Gorshin's Riddler. He's quite menacing. I used to think Cesar Romero's Joker was my favorite but it's getting to be a tie with those two marvelous actors. Both take it over the top just enough as is befitting the feel of the show and the characters they portray. 

Lost in Space was fun and goofy as ever. Lot's rubber monster suit/alien race-bent-on-destruction action too. Thank goodness for hyphens!

Topping off the 1960's retro fun was Star Trek's groovy third season episode, "Way to Eden" featuring space hippies in search of the mythical planet of Eden which has to be located inside the Romulan Neutral Zone. Doh!! Love it!

We ended the evening watching Svengoolie and the 1935 classic "Werewolf of London", starring Henry Hull in the first movie made about werewolves. It also stars Warner Oland as Dr. Yogami who is responsible for Henry Hull's affliction having attacked and bitten him one night in the mountains of Tibet. Watch the movie. It will all make sense and it's also well worth watching too. Jus tan added bit of trivia mentioned by Svengoolie: Warner Oland is famous for his role as detective Charlie Chan in the film series from the 1930's. I didn't draw any characters from the film because I just wanted to sit back and enjoy the film since I hadn't seen it in twenty five years. Glad I did. I can't wait for next weekend!

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