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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

1993 RBBBC Clown College Graduation Show Memories

Jan and I having the best time in "The Fish Gutting Gag".

I was in several gags for the graduation show presented to Mr. Kenneth Feld and family way back in 1993. When I think back to this, the infamous "Fish Gutting Gag" conceived by the gag director Jay Stewart, I remember that the gag mayhem, which included an octopus attaching itself to my face, ended with my head being dunked into the fish.

 Inside the fish, we'd placed a bucket full of green, sloshy, frothy soap made to look even more disgusting by the addition of mop hair strands to simulate fish guts. At the end of the dunking and flailing, all of my clown makeup (which at the time took me 15 minutes to apply) was gone: wiped clean from my kisser at the end of the three minutes that the gag ran. 

Afterward, I hurried backstage to my dressing area to quickly re-apply my makeup. It was a race to get it finished and then get into my next gag costume before I had to go out again. I think I had six minutes from the time I left the floor to the cue for my entrance. 

One evening, as I was about to reapply my makeup, the lights went out! And for what seemed like an eternity, the lights remained off as I as quickly panicked. Then just a quickly as they went off, the lights magically came on again. The "Fish Gutting Gag". It was crazy AND fun.

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