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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday Night Doodles

It occurred to me that I never got around to posting last weekend's Saturday Night Doodles. That was the day a major head cold hit me like a ton of bricks and from which I'm still recovering. As sick as I was that evening I had no desire to lay in bed because 1) I wouldn't be able to sleep and 2) because drawing from my favorite t.v. shows was a pleasant distraction from my cold. 

Besides, I didn't want the kids to have all the fun. Last weekend's Batman had False Face as guest villain brought to life my the talented Malachi Throne, who has been on stage and television for decades. He has some great credits from 60's t.v. that include roles on Lost in Space, Star Trek, Time Tunnel and of course, Batman.Very versatile actor. 

Svengoolie showed The Wolfman last weekend and Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman this weekend. Lugosi does his best a the monster and Lon Chaney is in top form in both films as Lionel Talbot, cursed to change into a werewolf when the moon is full. He can play such a tortured soul. 

Star Trek featured two stories involving civilizations that had all but perished starting with "That Which Survives" starring Lee Meriwether as Losira and "Lights of Zetar" starring Jan Shutan as Lt. Mira Romaine. Interestingly enough, Wikipedia shows that "Lights of Zetar" was co-written by Jeremy Tharcher and his wife (at the time) Shari Lewis. Yes , Shari Lewis very talented and funny ventriloquist and children's television show host who delighted audiences with her puppets Lamb Chop and Charlie Horse. Crazy, huh?  

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