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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Last Night's Art Opening

Well. We did it. The show opened. Thus begins a new chapter for the denizens of Rancho Ramirez. We even managed to sell a couple of pieces last night and the work will be up through the month of February so maybe a few more will sell. Who knows? Anything is possible.The best part of the evening for me was seeing my friends there. Where would we be without our friends? Their presence there last night meant the world to me. Thank you Chris and Florence, Gary and Pat, Art, both Lisas, David, Joe and family, Dave, Griff and our new friends at Tres Rebecas. Thank you all for making it a very special evening at a very special place. 

We still can't believe we have a space to play in now. For the last ten years Pammy and I have been looking for a space where we could do all the fun, creative projects we constantly talk about. We've got quite a list but now that "to do" list is going to be implemented! It feels great to know that. It'll be busy but it's the kind of busy that we love and have sorely missed and happy to be in the thick of it again. Life is good and getting better.

 So I hope you can visit our humble space on the second floor of Tres Rebcas to say hello and share in our love of the arts. Our next art event will be in March. It will be a book signing/ art exhibit displaying the original art for the Milagro de Monterrey book AND will include some new works based on sketches that were unused for the interior art of the book. Those new pieces will be for sale.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more info on this event. The link is below. Happy Saturday and Groudhog Day!

"Life's like a movie write your ending..." Kermit.

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