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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Doc in the New Year

Well, it's time for another of my "Doc Ed" updates.
2013 will be a busy one for my alter ego. I'll  be hoppin' and a boppin' as usual throughout the San Antonio area as Doc Ed but this year I'll be doing more and more presentations with Karston, the Texas Blind Salamander puppet. 

The new kindergarten show has been growing in popularity and will have an official launch at a KLRN (a local PBS affiliate) sponsored event on April 7th. More on that soon.

Below are upcoming Doc Ed date for 2013.

February 5th   Stonewall Elementary School
February 6th   Highland Elementary School
February 7th   Highland Park Elementary School
February 15th Crockett Elementary School
February 22nd Kindred Elementary School
February 28th  Cody Elementary School

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