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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Been a Long Time

After last night's show the cast exchanged autographs and took photos onstage. It was a flurry of activity!
It's been a while since I've posted so I'd like to try and catch up today. It's been all about the Nutcracker this past week since our kids are in it this year. We take every other year off so December wont be so hectic. We had evening rehearsals which led to the opening on Friday to a sold out house! Not too shabby for ballet in San Antonio! Pammy and I saw the matinee show on Saturday which appeared to have a full house too. The kids have been really enjoying the whole experience both onstage and backstage. They've made new friends. What more could one ask for? 

Foolin' with the camera at Woodridge Elementary.
There was a Doc Ed show this week at Woodridge Elementary School. It's the last one for 2012 and it was pretty fun. I love teaching kids through laughter. Sneak that education under their kid radar. 
 There were approximately 200 wonderfully rambunctious 2nd graders present for my Amazing Aquifer Adventure show on Wednesday morning. The kids were ready to learn and laugh. Great way to start the day. 

The next time good ol' Doc Ed edutains the kiddoes will be in early 2013.

Along the way this week Pammy and I have managed to do some of the day to day chores around the house ( the dishes are piled high) and ready ourselves to move into the space at Tres Rebecas next month which we're really looking forward to doing as a way to kick off the new year with a new adventure. Life is good at Rancho Ramirez!    

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  1. That all sounds so amazing! Congrats to the kiddies and Merry Christmas to you all! Happy New Years. :)


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