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Friday, August 31, 2012

Beach Vibe!

Our home on the island for five wonderful days.

 This whole week back from our five day visit to South Padre Island for our dear friend Christy's wedding has been unlike any we've had in years thanks to that trip. 

The wedding was beautiful and fun as only Christy could make it. At the reception we sang, drank and danced like we haven't done in ages. The day after the wedding everybody spent it on the beach taking sand castle building lessons from Amazin' Walter (Christy's dad and master sand castle builder among other things) and his  wonderful and talented friends.We were surrounded by so many artsy-minded souls. We loved that! It felt so good to be amongst so many of our own kind. It's been too long.

On the island, apart from the rest of the world, Pammy and I found ourselves again. The sand, surf and wind washed away all the nonsense we've lived through since we returned to San Antonio back in 2002, allowing us to see the world with clarity and peace again. We spent our days before the wedding at the beach swimming, relaxing, making sand castles -playing all day with our kids and our friends. No t.v. No cell phones. No internet. It's funny how five days away from town gives one a different perspective on life.

And people on the island have such a different attitude that, thankfully, we've brought back with us: love life, family and friends and have fun...don't sweat the little stuff. Amazin' Walter taught us a one-word island saying: "Manana", which doesn't necessarily mean tomorrow, just "later". We utter that like a mantra daily now.

The tension here is all around us. Rush, rush, rush, work, grumble, grumble, etc., but we deflect it with the "beach vibe" and "manana" mantra we now have.  We went to see our friend start a new chapter in her magical life and came back with a little of her magic too. Happy accidents. Wow!

So, congratulations Christy the Pirate Queen, Darren (Christy's hubby) "Thriller" boat captain.  Have a great married life on your island paradise as we're certain you will. Thank you for making us a part of your special day.

Manana everybody.        

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