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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Art Show Opening Pics

Here are some pics from Friday evening's opening where I managed to sell two pieces. Very cool! The work will be up for the remainder of the month, so who knows, maybe I'll sell another one. Anything is possible!

It wasn't that long ago when Pammy and I had no where to stretch our artistic muscles. We've been looking around for ten years for the right place and here we are. Thankfully, neither of us every gave up hope.

Next on our "To Do" list is to advertise for the acting classes Pammy will be teaching there and for the Milagro de Monterrey booksigning  which will take place in late March. As soon as the date is confirmed it will be posted. 

Lots to do. Fun stuff! Creative stuff!In the meantime, if you'd like to see the paintings up for display and sale at Tres Rebecas, they are open Thursday through Saturday from noon to six or call to set up an appointment to see them on any other day of the week. Go to their Facebook page and ours as well. The links are provided below. Thanks!

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