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Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Roundup

So this week food played a very large role. We hit our usual favorite places when Pammy and I weren't working. I don't what it is but we love being in a diner or our favorite "hole in the wall". It feels right. Y'know? Besides we don't really don't much for ourselves so we indulge in eating out when we can. Keeps us sane. We went to the Tip Top Cafe where we had a lot of deep fried brown food that was just absolutely yummy. I had a chicken fried steak. I haven't had a chicken fried steak in fifteen years and found out I can still handle it...sort of. Right around ten that evening I got I tiny bit of heart burn. It was a huge steak and i shouldn't have eaten it all in one sitting. Live and learn.

Pammy and I also went down to Tres Rebecas to take care of rent and chat about the art show which, by the way, is a couple of weeks away. Wow! I got a few paintings to go before I'm done. The one above is just about finished. But looking at it now I can see a glaring error I didn't notice before but now I must address. Dang! Oh, well.

Today is the start of a three-day weekend too. Wahoo!! Most of it will be taken up painting and working around the house but it still means we can sleep in an extra day. Yay for us!! I hope your weekend is restful and fun. Hasta manana!


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