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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday Night Doodles

I meant to post last night but I ran out of steam. So here goes! We had a good dinner of homemade burgers and fries followed by our Saturday Night lineup of fun! Started with Batman. The last few weeks of the series had Batgirl, which, if I'm not mistaken was the last season of the series. Anyway, last night's episode didn't include Batgirl in the credits and the directing style of the show was noticeably different from season three. After looking up some info on Wikipedia I found out it was the first season pilot. Very cool! Frank Gorshin starred as the guest villain in his first appearance as the Riddler. I really think he made an outstanding Riddler. I liked Jim Carrey's  version but Frank Gorshin set the standard. 

After that we watched Lost in Space and Star Trek and finished the evening with Svengoolie who was featuring the classic 1950's giant monster classic:"Tarantula". As always, he had plenty of trivia for us to enjoy. It had a cast of familiar faces but of special note, making a brief appearance at the end of the film as fighter pilot, was a very young Clint Eastwood. Fun night. Can't wait for next weekend!

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