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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Roundup- All You Need Is Love

Props to be repaired for the ballet "The Snow Queen".

This was a most excellent week here at Rancho Ramirez. There were several Doc Ed shows, Pammy continues work on bringing the finest pastries in San Antonio to the eager tummies of the gastronomically picky and we both worked on repairing props for the San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet's upcoming production of the Snow Queen which opens November 4th at the Carver Community Cultural Center.

The show had been done a few years back so they had most of the props and set pieces in storage but a few needed some new life breathed into them. The prop letters for the word "love" needed a little love plus a bit of the Ramirez imagination to make them a little better than the previous version. We should have them completed by late next week.

I finally got around to making myself an art business card. I'm moving steadily toward making the visual a bigger part of my life just as it used to be twenty or so years ago. It feels good. My portfolio keeps growing and with a lot of work I should be able to set up at a convention before winter's end if there is one taking place at that time. I still have to do further research on that. I've started a list of comic book type conventions but they don't seem to start until early spring. There's bound to be something in the winter. I've got to continue my search.

Pammy and I have also been talking to one of her old theater friends about putting up a puppet show in early November. at a local theater. It's still not definite but it looks hopeful. It's an original production conceived by Pammy that we've talked about doing for that last five years but simply haven't found a theater company that's right for us. With so many theater companies in town you'd think that would be an easy task but such has not been the case. Anyway, we're very hopeful that this will work out. Keepin' my fingers crossed.  

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